superbright 45W 5inch square car LED headlight for trucks, ATV,Jeep off road

superbright 45W 5inch square car LED headlight for trucks, ATV,Jeep off road

Car headlight also can use bracket install upon the vehicle.
  • No. : LM7745-5
  • Unit : pcs
  • Product Size : 168 x 108 x 78 cm
  • Weight : 0.7 kg

Tags:superbright 45W 5inch square car LED headlight for trucks,ATV

Quantity: 20 pcs / carton
*Unit Price (FOB China)
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1.Model No:LM7745-5



4.Color Temperature:7000K


6.Lifespan:50000 hours


8.Lens Material:PMMA

9.Beam Pattern:High/Low


11.Housing Material:Die-cast Aluminum

12.OPE.Voltage:10-30V DC




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