Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Liuming Optoelectronic?

A: Liuming Optoelectronic is an accredited automotive lighting manufacturer making bulbs and lighting systems for a wide variety of automobiles. Our lighting solutions are powerful, eco-friendly and cost effective, and you’ll find them in minivans taking families to the big game as well as snowmobiles conducting search-and-rescue operations. Our motto is “Illuminate Your Way.” We believe every light reveals a story, and your story deserves to shine.

Q: Are your lights eco-friendly?

A: Liuming Optoelectronic takes pride in our dedication to leaving a small environmental footprint. All of our packaging materials, from our boxes to the packing peanuts that fill them, are designed to be recycled or else made from recycled material. Plus, you won’t find any toxic chemicals like lead, cadmium or mercury in a single one of our lighting products. We try to bring as much light as possible while taking as little from the earth as we can while we do it.

Q: What does the number under the color mean? Does it mean brightness?

A: The number under the color choice (3000K, 5000K, 6000K, 7000K, 8000K, and 10000K) actually represents the heat in Kelvins of the bulb. As the temperature changes, so does the color of the bulb. For the brightest light, choose 5000k ~ 7000k. For more exotic and vivid, choose 3000K, 8000k or 10000K.

Q: What is the difference between Flood and Spot Beam?

A: Generally speaking, a flood beam shines light over a very wide area, while a spot beam shines light further into a more focused area.

This makes Flood Beams perfect for illuminating wide area working zones.

Spot Beams are great for long-distance illumination.

Q: What is a Combo Beam?

A: Combo beam is a beam consisting of both spot and flood.

Combo beams have the advantage of both shining far and illuminating a wider area at the same time.

Most of our LED lightbars are designed to have a combo beam, allowing good distance illumination down the road while filling in the ditches with light to help reduce fatigue and bring attention to any hazards that may appear from the sides.

Q: What’s the Raw Lumens?

Lumens are a common standard for measuring light output at the source. It is important to know that the lighting source manufacturer rating is only for the light source and does not account for losses due to optical inefficiencies, electrical inefficiencies or heat.

Q: What’s the Effective Lumens?

The sheer output of the light source is not enough to capture the whole story. When rating the effective output of a light source, the light lost as heat, in optical light spray and electrical inefficiency must also be accounted for, as each of these reduce the total usable lumens. Through the use of top binned LEDs, pulse width modulation and electronic thermal management, SuperMing Lights effectively produce the highest lumens per watt.


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