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Our top-rated item products install as car headlight also can using bracket install upon cars, trucks, jeep, off road, forklift and so on. They can totally instead Halogen seal-beam lamp model H-6014/ 6024/ 4002/ 4652 with round square 5inch and 7inch.


LED work lights used in a variety of construction job site, mine operations, maintenance of machinery and equipment maintenance, accident handling and disaster relief work site large-scale, high-brightness lighting of a lamp, but also can be used as a car lights, truck lights, off-road lights, mechanical lights, agricultural machinery, ambulance lights, construction lights, logging lights, excavator lights, shovel lights, coal mine lights, snowblow lights, hunting lights, armored lights, tank lighting lights,etc.


● LED work light low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection: a LED lamp voltage is generally only 2-3.6V, the current is only 0.02-0.03A. In other words: it consumes electricity does not exceed 0.1W, consumes more energy than the same luminous efficiency. More than 90% of incandescent lamps, more than 70% more energy-saving lamps. LED is energy-saving light source.


● Long working life of LED work light: LED can last 50,000 hours at the proper current and voltage, far exceeding the service life of traditional light.


● No preheat period: LED work light starts to emit fast time - In nanoseconds, the traditional lamp response time of milliseconds.

● LED work light safety low voltage: LED using high-voltage DC power supply (AC can be rectified to DC), the supply voltage of 6 to 24V, due to different products vary. In short, it uses safer DC power than high voltage power supplies and is suitable for most environments. Use a wide range.


● LED work lights more rich colors: the traditional working light color is very simple, in order to achieve the purpose of color, LED is digital control, light-emitting chips can now recover a variety of colors, including red, green and blue ternary colors, it is ternary color, through the system control, you can restore a colorful world of colorful.


● LED work lamp heat dissipation less than the traditional work lights: LED is a more advanced cold light source, it is not halogen lights and turn lights, the use of people who see the light source will have dizziness. LED light is more gentle, more widely used in the field of vehicle lighting.


● Use LED work light environmental pollution: there is no harm of metal mercury. Particle layout of LED lamps and displays, the light generated are generally scattered, light pollution occurs rarely.

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